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What Victim-Offender Mediation Training participants have said...

"The discussions were clear, thoughtful and precise. Marty's ability to synthesize theory and experience into practice is impressive and immensely helpful."

"Very powerful presentation! You conveyed the power of communication, the potential of transformation in mediation and the best in humanity. Thanks for all your work."

"Good information - well presented - excellent handouts."

"Effectively presented...very enlightening ... touched me deep inside."

"Excellent! This has been a wonderful experience. There was a lot of personal growth over the last few days. Thank you and please come back."

"Good role plays - good exercises - good presentations. It is obvious that Marty is an experienced and excellent practitioner as well as trainer."

"All in all - great training, good material and facilitating. Thanks."

"It was exciting to be trained and to be exposed to such talent and expertise in the field. You have a way that inspires."

"Depth of personal experience and commitment was shared with us quite articulately."

"The training was very good. It provided me with a good foundation on victim-offender mediation. Thank you for your dedication and hard work!"

"You are so committed that it is impossible to not strive for the humanistic model and transformational processes. Thank you."

"Very powerful!"

"Organization was terrific. Final day was very good - produced confidence and good feeling regarding the process and our capability to use it."

"This was an outstanding process as a whole - very exciting, tied together very well - definitely worth the investment."

"Thank you so much for your time, expertise, and having the tremendous care and inner strength to do this kind of work. You're an inspiration!"

"Applause and encouragement for encore training sessions to shower your gifts on other communities!"


Marty Price, J.D., an attorney and social worker turned mediator, is the founder and director of the Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) Information and Resource Center, in Asheville, North Carolina. He is the founder and former director of the VORP of Clackamas County, Oregon. He is a former Board Member and former Co-Chair of the Victim-Offender Mediation Association (VOMA), a non-profit, international, educational and advocacy organization that promotes restorative justice and supports victim-offender mediation and reconciliation programs.

The Center provides information, training, public education, technical assistance, consulting and victim-offender mediation and reconciliation services. We serve non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and individuals. The Center specializes in juvenile justice and the mediation of drunk driving fatality cases and other crimes of severe violence.

Our mission is to bring restorative justice reform to our criminal justice system, to empower victims, offenders and communities to heal the effects of crime, to curb recidivism, and to offer our society a more effective and humanistic alternative to the growing outcry for more prisons and more punishment.

Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP)
Information and Resource Center
8205 Sandowne Lane, Huntersville, North Carolina 28078

Contact only by email.  Not available for consulting while in India.

E-mail: martyprice@vorp.com
World Wide Web: http://www.vorp.com


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